Available courses

Learn the theory of how to administer medical aesthetic treatments and/or set up a cosmetic clinic.

 KT Training has created online courses utilising the current industry standard e learning platform used by universities for their diploma courses.

The Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine is ideal for:

·         Medical professionals who would like to learn the theory to see if aesthetic medicine is for them

·         Medical professional who feel the theory was not covered comprehensively by their previous training provider

·         Medical professionals who would like to refresher their knowledge

·         Clinic owners and aesthetic staff who need to understand the business and procedures

·         Non medical who are working with clinicians or would just like would like to know more about aesthetic medicine

These online courses are open to anyone who would like to learn the theory for cosmetic interventions such as botox and dermal fillers.  The courses have continuous professional development points approved and *certification will be provided on completion of the course and assessment.

The online training course is in 4 sections and covers the following:

·         Foundation Botulinum Toxins for Cosmetic Use

·         Foundation Dermal Fillers for Cosmetic Use

·         Foundation Chemical Peels and Skin Care

·         Introduction to Medical Aesthetics and Starting a Cosmetic Clinic

The modules include:

·         Video lectures by industry experts

·         Interactive lessons

·         Treatment reviews

·         Quizzes and tests

Learn about the 3 most popular cosmetic procedures and how to start a cosmetic practice.

Price=£240 including VAT

Accreditation-CPD points verified

 *Please note certification achieved for the online theory only and will NOT allow the student to practice these procedures. To source insurance and practice the procedures you must complete the full KT Training hands on workshops and meet the entry qualification criteria.

RPL Recognised Prior Learning

The Recognised Prior Learning will enable experienced clinicians to achieve the Level 7 by completing the RPL assessment.

Part 1 –RPL Assessment Clinical Cases

The candidate needs to have previously completed 150 treatments with Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.

The candidate will complete and upload the RPLA1 patient treatment record.

Recognised Prior Learning Candidate Requirements Assessment

1.     Cases for Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers completed.

2.      Complete and upload the RPLA1 treatment record sheet for your completed case studies.

3.      The assessor will request random treatment records (approx4) for approval (number 1-150).

4.      When this is requested the RPL candidate will include the following completed patient documents for review:

·         Medical History

·         Informed Consent

·         Treatment Record

·         Before and After Photo

·         Post Treatment Instructions and Follow Up Provided

Please see example records below.

Aesthetic medicine level 7